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Mind Exercises

These exercises have been given to me to do without explanation at this point. He "smiled" when he told me he would explain at a later time!  I suppose there is a good reason for this, and I'll let you "IN" on the secret as soon as "I" know!


  Candle Exercise

1. Feet on the floor
2. Piece of paper and pencil
3. Timer - set for 10 minutes
4. Darkened room

With your pencil touching the paper, hold your attention on the candle flame for 10 minutes. Concentrate on the flame.

With ANY distraction, make a mark on the paper.


Write down the time of day.


Looking at the world through a windshield is what I called my life driving a truck.  I also enjoyed many moments during those years that allowed me to reflect back in time, to see the world that I had never seen before and to enjoy the sights that were at hand.

  Mirror Exercise

1. Timer - set for 10 minutes
2. Look into the mirror, at the point BETWEEN your eyes. Focus on not staring.
3 Think of your Pituitary Gland, deep inside your head. Picture a small ball of light inside behind the point you're looking at.

Make a diary of both exercises. What you notice/feel.

Once a day.

Xiphoid Process  - Closing the Cardiac Valve
The valve is called a "Cardiac Valve" because it's close to the heart. It actually doesn't have a thing to do with the heart. (just so you know)
It's strictly for keeping down the acid from kicking back up into your throat!  If you'll continue to do this method you will find that the sore spot where your breast bone is will hurt less over time. 

Laying down on the floor or on the bed with your legs hanging over seems to work the best, although I have done it while standing (or out in a store when I needed to). While standing, you can use your middle and ring fingers on BOTH hands to push in and down.

1. Lay on the floor or lay back on your bed.
2. Find the soft spot just below your sternum (breast bone) You will actually be right up against your breast bone while doing this and the area may be very tender if you've had a lot of problems recently (it gets less sensitive as you continue to keep the valve closed).
3. Put your fingers into the spot as if you're trying to tuck them UNDER the breast bone (using the index, middle and ring fingers on both hands works better, you can get more constant pressure)
4. Put more pressure on the spot while taking in a deep breath (this is so you can get your fingers in the right place to close the valve)
5. While holding your breath for a few seconds, press FIRMLY into the spot (you may feel a lot of discomfort at first, but don't worry, you're not hurting anything)
6. Push your fingers in and down toward your belly button while exhaling (you will have to push hard straight down, as you're dragging your fingers toward your belly button)
7. Repeat as needed.

You will need to press fairly hard while doing this. If you're like I was when the doctor first did it to me, I literally felt the valve closing. It's awesome, but it works! You can do this as often as you need to throughout the day.

I also felt a bit of nausea at first because mine was so messed up, but don't worry, things will subside as you continue doing this. If you've done it correctly (you may have to try a few times at first until you've mastered it) you will start to feel less acid within a few minutes.

The end result is to get the value to work properly. If you've had stomach acid as long as I have, this may take a while. 

Also drinking plenty of water will help flush out the acid too!


Five Day Reversal Exercise

1. Only spend 5 minutes a day on this exercise.

2. Beginning at the time you start the exercise, you will remember the last thing you did BEFORE beginning. (ie. before you sat in your chair to begin the exercise, you walked in the room, etc.)

3. All things you did that day and the days before need to be remembered in REVERSE.

4. You want to rememer 5 things for each day. Then you go to the day BEFORE and remember 5 things.

5. Go back 5 days

6. If you spend 5 minutes and you aren't even through day 1, that is okay.

7. First goal is to do this in 5 minutes
Second goal is to do this in 3 minutes.
Third goal is to do this exercise, in 1 minute.
Finally, this will occur in 10 seconds.

Set your TIMER! And DON'T CHEAT!


Keep this in mind......your brain is like a muscle, and if you don't USE it, you LOSE IT, so even though you may not "feel" like anything is happening, keep trying.  As time goes by you will see that things are changing.


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