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A Real Awakening?

I'm sure by now you've seen the movie "Awakenings!" Well, this therapy and everything that it involves has been an AWAKENING for me! To even think that by using some simple pressure points and listening to directions from the doctor you could HEAL your body?  
OK, so it might be a bit more complex than that, but that's the basics!

"Oh, come on now," you're saying?! Yes, you're not the only one thinking those thoughts. I had a few too! At least in the beginning!

I'm truly learning the meaning of "WHOLISTIC". It's not just treating the SYMPTOMS, it's treating the PROBLEMS! And they're not ALWAYS just a PHYSICAL thing either! There are more EMOTIONAL things involved with your physical body and how it responds to those emotions than you realize. I'm beginning to find out just how those "emotional" things have affected my "physical" body! (and it hasn't been PRETTY)!

Yes, I can almost see the "sure, sure" look that you're giving me right now! It's the TRUTH! And as time goes by, if you do your homework right, you'll find that this is not a "QUACK" kind of medicine.

The doctor has the knowledge, but he's applying that knowledge so that my BRAIN can heal itself!

The AWAKENING is not only in the MIND. It's in your most inner psyche. The place where dreams and reality merge. Where LOGIC and BELIEF are more closely related than you would ever imagine.

I'm beginning to see "clearer", but I'm not sure it's with my EYES!

~ barbara jean ~

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