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Herbs That Heal

For many years I've been given more static than I could ever count about using herbs and oils. I've been told how "medicines" are the only way to treat a problem with the human body.

I want to tell you right now, that isn't the total truth!

I have just gone completely off blood pressure meds, stomach meds, allergy meds, and water pills. I have been on these for over 20 years, and wondered myself if I would always have to be on them.  All this is with the N.O.T. therapy I'm getting, this is not of my own choice, but part of the protocol for this specific therapy.

I'm a living example that herbal formulas can not only HELP, but HEAL!

Let me strongly stress though, that you really NEED to be under a doctors care while doing this, and monitor yourself very carefully. Making notes of any problems, symptoms, etc., and give your doctor this information.

Oils that Heal

Promoting Wellness Through Essential Oils

I've been using essential oils for many decades, and have found many that not only help heal, but help with pain and other problems too.  I don't ingest EO's very often although I have done that depending on what I'm trying to heal, I mostly use EO's topically and with my Scentsy Diffuser.  

The majority of the oils I use are external.  A few years ago I signed up with doTERRA and have enjoyed their products.  If you'd like to learn more about Essential Oils, click on the 'Promoting Wellness Through Essential Oils' link and wander around my website for a while.  You'll find recipes, Oils 101, DIY and much more!  I have to say I'm never without my oils, Tea Tree (antibacterial), Wintergreen (sore muscles/throat), Peppermint (pain & breathing), Marjoram (muscles), Frankincense (excellent for pain), Lavender (skin, cuts), and Eucalyptus which I use for sinus congestion and even headaches, and these are just a few!  No, you won't find me badmouthing my EO's 'cuz they're AWESOME!

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