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I often wondered why someone put a disclaimer on their web site. I figured it was because they weren't totally telling the "truth" about something, or weren't exactly "sure" about what they had just stated.

Well, I now realize what that disclaimer is all about. It's not that what I've spoken about in this web site is "false". It's not that I don't "believe" that these techniques WORK! It's that if I don't put this in here, there may be repercussions that will cost me more than I've made in my lifetime!

The disclaimer is to WAKE YOU UP! Make YOU do the thinking! Let YOU decide what you want and what you want to do with YOUR life! Then hopefully give you enough "AMO" to go to your doctor or nutritionalist and get the HELP and HEALING that you need!

I'm just the "messenger!" What do they say about that? ......."don't shoot the messenger!"

So, get the KNOWLEDGE and get the FACTS, and don't expect a local MD to always give that to you. Do your own research if you need too. Don't be afraid! It's YOUR body! Let your "gut" feeling take you on a search for the truth!

If any of what you've read in my site helps you, then GREAT! Remember, I'm not sitting there twisting your arm! You have a brain too!

~ barbara jean ~

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